College Dos and Preparing for “The Real World”

Wow. I graduated. I’m actually done. In May I graduated The University of Southern Mississippi and I have been completely overwhelmed since. I was so focused on graduating with honors and finishing strong, that I failed to REALLY look beyond graduation. FYI- I needed a 3.5 GPA to graduate with honors…. I graduated with a … More College Dos and Preparing for “The Real World”

How To Be Ethical

Ethics:  a system of moral principles.  the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class ofhuman actions or a particular group, culture. Being ethical in the journalism industry is of most importance.  One of the most questionable lines journalist tend to cross in the line of fact and fiction.  In some instances, this line is clear as day, however, sometimes it is not as clear.  There are principles to help journalist navigate between these blurred … More How To Be Ethical

What’s In a Lead?

Leads to a story can be tricky. Sometimes, I’ll write the body of the story first and the lead last. Leads should be enticing, interesting and compelling. The reader should be drawn in to read the rest of the story. The dramatic lead. “His classmates called him “the leper,” because measles had left his 12-year-old … More What’s In a Lead?